Storms can be scary for landowners, as the risk of harm to their properties increases significantly. Before a storm hits, you need to take steps to protect your home and land. Your trees are an important part of this, and you shouldn’t forget about them. 

Although trees can be a wonderful addition to your property, they can also present a substantial hazard during a storm. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your trees are primed for the worst-case scenario. Let’s look at three crucial measures to ensure that your trees are geared up for a storm.

Routine Pruning

Consistent pruning is an indispensable part of tree maintenance. It encompasses the elimination of deceased or frail branches that could plummet during a storm, causing damage to your property or even potentially causing bodily harm to someone. Routine pruning can also aid in preserving your trees’ health, which will make them more resilient to storm damage. We recommend that pruning be done at least once a year, and it is preferable to have it accomplished by a professional arborist service such as Armes Trees Solutions. Our team of experts can pinpoint which branches need to be eradicated, and can do so safely and efficiently. 

Surveying the Surroundings

Another significant step in preparing your trees for a storm is to assess the environment. Examine where your trees are located and contemplate what would transpire if they collapsed during a storm. Are there power lines in the vicinity? Is there a possibility that they could damage your house or your neighbour’s property? By surveying the surroundings, you can detect potential hazards and take measures to alleviate them. For instance, you may need to remove specific branches or even an entire tree.

Sick Tree Assessment

Lastly, it is imperative to evaluate the condition of your trees. Unwell trees are more susceptible to harm during a storm, and they can also pose a threat to neighbouring trees and property. If you observe any signs of sickness, such as deceased branches, discoloured leaves, or fungal growth, it is critical to have your trees appraised by a professional. Armes Trees Solutions can provide an appraisal of an ailing tree and recommend the best course of action. In some cases, a sick tree may need to be removed to prevent it from collapsing during a storm.

Recent weather events, such as Cyclone Gabrielle, have demonstrated how crucial it is to be prepared for a storm. Although we cannot govern the weather, we can take measures to safeguard our homes and property. By adhering to these three essential steps, you can ensure that your trees are prepared for any contingencies that nature may present.

Professional Arborist Services From Armes Trees

If you require assistance in preparing your trees for a storm, Armes Trees Solutions is here to help. We offer a range of arboricultural services, including pruning, extraction, and ailing tree appraisals, giving you peace of mind that you have put protections in place for your property.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and ensure that your trees are equipped for the storm season.