After removing an unwanted tree, the stump is left in the ground. Should you leave it alone in your yard or remove it along with the rest of your tree? Alternatively, how about grinding the stump? Continue reading for answers to frequently asked questions regarding why and how to remove a tree stump.

Why Should The Stump Be Removed?

Stump degradation begins shortly after they are detached from the tree that formerly stood in your garden. Once a stump starts to rot it can create a breeding ground for home-damaging pests. While you may let the stump decompose, the creatures that come along with it may spread to other plants and trees in your yard or even into your house. The easiest approach to avoid these insect issues is to remove the stump or grind it down.

Other reasons to remove a tree stump:

  • A rotting stump is not appealing. It can detract from the overall appearance of your yard and potentially lower the value of your home.
  • When mowing your lawn, you will need to avoid the area where the stump is located, since the stump or roots may cause harm to your mower if you roll over them.
  • Planting new trees close is out of the question as long as the stump and extensive roots are in the way.

Grinding Or Removing Your Tree Stump?

Both stump grinding and stump removal have advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the ideal option for you is mostly determined by your long-term objectives for your landscape.

The stump removal process is the most difficult of the two. It entails heaving up the large tree stump and then digging out all of the tree’s extensive roots. As you might expect, getting the task done requires a lot of time, elbow grease, and strong tools. What’s the advantage? After stump removal, you’re left with a blank slate for whatever new landscaping ideas you have. What’s less than ideal is that stump removal leaves a wide hole that might be unsightly until it’s filled up.

Stump grinding requires far less effort. Arborists in this situation utilise a machine to totally shred the stump down into little woodchips. Although grinding is far more efficient than stump removal, it does leave the tree’s roots behind. The chip pile formed by a huge stump might be fairly considerable, but the chips can be utilised as mulch for other plants in your yard.

We also have a portable alpine stump grinder that lets us perform removals in all locations, even on hard-to-reach stumps!

If you’re unsure which method of stump removal is best for you contact Armes Tree Solutions. We can provide you with knowledgeable advice on what best suits your lifestyle and your garden’s needs.