Emergency Tree Services

Fallen Tree Removal

You might think that removing fallen trees aren’t that challenging or risky, but it still requires the right equipment and expertise to get the job done properly, safely and in a cost-effective way. Fallen trees can be dangerous if left down for a long time and can damage your plants and other outdoor equipment if not attended to in time. Trees are heavy and often difficult to remove without the space and suitable equipment. Don’t try to remove a fallen tree yourself, as you might injure yourself and cause further complications to your garden.

Armes Trees Solutions offer tree removal services across the Wellington region. With our tree grinding equipment and experience, we can remove a fallen tree from your property in no time!

Cats Stuck In Trees

Has your cat been stuck on one of your trees for a day or a couple of hours? Have you tried everything to get your furry friend down, but it hasn’t been working? Armes Trees Solutions can help rescue your cat from high up in the trees and prevent any unwanted injuries. You might think that you can get your cat down yourself with the help of a ladder, but these animals can be unpredictable when being in this scary and stressful situation.

We are fully equipped with the proper tools to rescue your pet safely and have several years of experience with rescuing cats. Engage the services of our professionals to take the hassle off your hands and get your furry friend back on the ground.

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