Cat Rescue

Rescuing cats

Is your cat stuck on a tree? Have you tried calling them down, but they seem distressed and don’t know how to get down? Whether your cat has been stuck in a tree for a few hours or even a day, the friendly Armes Trees Solutions team can help. You might think that it is safe for you to get a ladder and climb up to your feline, but it can be dangerous, especially if the animal is stressed. It is best to get help from professionals who have the right equipment and are experienced in climbing tall trees, even in challenging locations.

Professional cat rescue

Our team loves supporting the community and is more than happy to come to your property to get your cat back on the ground. We take all the necessary care to ensure that our workers and your feline are safe during the rescue and that we perform the process without causing any more distress to your furry friend. At Armes Trees Solutions, we have several years of experience rescuing cats from all sized and shaped trees and have the necessary tools and equipment to get them to the ground safely.

We understand how stressful it can be for you to see your cat in danger, and that’s why we strive to come to your location as quickly as possible.

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Get in touch with our team if your cat is stuck in a tree in your garden. Our emergency services ensure that we can be on location quickly and rescue our feline before either you or they suffer any injuries. Call us now for support!

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