Hedge Trimming

Armes Trees recommends the annual trimming of hedges to prevent them from overgrowing. Our team pays close attention to detail to achieve sharp lines and clean shapes of your hedges and help make your garden look put together. In addition, it also ensures that your hedge stays healthy and strong for a long time.

We perform our hedge trimming service all across the Wellington region, no matter how big or small the area needing attention is. Maintaining your hedges might need to be done more than once a year to keep your outdoor space looking fresh and your plants healthy. Our team has all the necessary equipment to perform the job precisely.

Shaping and Topiary

If you are looking to achieve a specific look in your garden or outdoor space, you will likely need to engage the services of a professional tree shaper. Tree shaping lets you achieve a unique design of different species that will make your garden look put together. This can be achieved by grafting plants together, bending branches and trunks, twisting, braiding, framing, or simply pruning your trees. Achieving the desired shape takes time and should be started early on after the tree has been planted.

Crown Reduction

It is important to have your trees pruned regularly to adapt to the space in which they are growing. If your tree’s growing space is limited, we recommend pruning them every 2-3 years to maintain their size and shape. If your trees have become too large for the space in which they are growing, we can reduce the overall size of the canopy.

However, there are limits to this method. If the tree is quite large and the desired outcome requires removing more than 15% of the canopy, the trees long-term health and safety could be compromised. If the tree requires harsh cutting to force it to the desired size, we usually recommend removing and replanting a species more suited to the space.

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