Crown Lifting

Removing lower branches

Sometimes trees can have low hanging branches, which can prevent you from using the space under the crown of the tree. Crown lifting is a great solution for removing low hanging branches and gaining more light from under your trees’ canopy. This process requires thorough knowledge of the structure and type of trees you are working on, so it is always recommended to get a professional arborist to do the job. At Armes Trees Solutions, we have all the knowledge and equipment to perform crown lifting in the most challenging locations on all types of trees.

Crown Lifting of tree on footpath

Crown lifting with Armes Trees Solutions

If your trees have low branches that impede on your garden or make it difficult to mow your lawn, we can remove those low branches in a way that minimizes the harm on the tree while maximizing the available space on your property. By lifting up the lower canopy, you will get more light and will be able to walk under the crown of your trees. Depending on the species, they may need different kinds of treatment to maintain their long-term health and shape.

Our friendly and professional arborist team can lift the crown of your trees while ensuring that they stay healthy and strong for a long time. Regular pruning is necessary to maintain the look of your trees and make sure that they give you the solutions your garden needs. Get a professional team to perform the crown lifting to be able to enjoy its benefits for a long time coming!

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