Crown Reduction

Reducing the overall size of your tree

Do you have an overgrown tree in your garden that is too large for the space that it’s in? Crown reduction, or reducing the overall size of your tree while keeping its natural shape and form, could be the only solution to keep the structure in place. It is important to have your trees pruned regularly so that they can adapt to the space in which they are growing. If your tree’s growing space is limited, we recommend pruning them every 2-3 years to maintain their size and shape. Let Armes Trees Solutions prune your trees to keep them looking fresh and healthy.

Crown reduction services

If your trees have become too large for the space in which they are growing, we can reduce the overall size of the canopy. However, there are limits to this method. Crowns can be reduced from 15% to 35%, depending on the species. Our team knows the anatomy and structure of each type well, which ensures that we preserve the tree’s health. If the tree requires harsh cutting to force it to the desired size, we usually recommend the removal and replanting of a species more suited to the space.

Most of the time, however, our friendly team is able to offer a crown reduction service that ensures that the tree retains its natural appearance and health without having to remove it. Our professional team can offer this service for a range of tree types. We perform all crown reductions with skill and care to help your tree maintain its appearance and health!

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If you would like to reduce the size of a tree in your garden but would love to keep the plant in place, contact Armes Trees Solutions. We are experienced in tree pruning and crown reductions and can work even on the most complicated cases!

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