Dead Wooding

Trimming dead wood of your tree

To keep your trees maintained, healthy, safe and growing, you will need to remove dead branches. Dead wooding involves the trimming and cutting of small and large branches that die off on the tree. This can happen when a tree gets limited sunshine from one side or is limited in its growth by another plant or structure. To ensure that it can keep its beauty, health, and it’s safe to walk under it, dead wooding is required. Armes Trees Solutions offers a professional service across the Wellington region that keeps your garden, plants, and trees maintained!

Professional dead wooding

Dead wooding is not just important for keeping the appearance of your tree. It also needs to be done to reduce rotting and damage occurring to your tree. If the dead branches aren’t removed, they can infect other branches and the trunk of the tree, which eventually might lead to the whole plant dying. Heavy dead branches can also cause damage to your property and injure passers by, as they are likely to fall in a storm or heavy wind.

Armes Trees Solutions have expert knowledge in recognising dead branches and parts of trees and know where they need cutting and trimming to remove an infection or damage. We have all the necessary tools, resources and equipment that helps us perform our job accurately and in a short amount of time. Get a professional team to work on your trees to receive the greatest outcome and ensure that your plants remain healthy and beautiful for a long time.

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