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Keeping the ideal shape of your hedges

Are your hedges overgrown? Are they looking out of control and making your garden look neglected? Regular hedge trimming is essential to keep your plants healthy, to the desired height and to provide you with the design and look you envisioned for your garden space. You might think that you can maintain your hedge yourself; however, there can be several safety hazards that you might not think about, such as ladders and difficult to use equipment. Armes Trees Solutions has special tools and knowledge to get your hedges looking the desired shape and size across Wellington.

Hedge trimming done right

Armes Trees Solutions recommends the regular trimming of hedges to keep them healthy and of the ideal size. We suggest trimming your hedges at least twice a year, so they can continue to offer benefits, such as keeping noise and intruders out and adding aesthetic and beauty to your property. Our team is more than experienced in trimming hedges of all shapes and sizes and can offer excellent end results even in areas that can be difficult to access. With our specialist equipment, most of the trimming can be done from the ground, ensuring that the process is safe and quick and that we won’t disturb your everyday life.

We pay close attention to detail to achieve sharp lines and clean shapes of your hedges. At Armes Trees Solutions, we take away the trimmings and leave your property looking fresh, clean and with outstanding results!

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