Root Pruning

Root pruning to transplant a plant

Would you like to move a tree or plant in your garden to a new location? Do you want to preserve the structure and shape of the tree or hedge? Root pruning is an essential service that needs to be completed when transplanting any sized mature plant and involves cutting through the roots at the drip line to encourage the growth of newer roots after it has been moved. This complicated process needs to be done by a professional arborist to ensure that the plant stays alive and looks healthy after being transplanted.

Wellington root pruning services

Armes Trees Solutions have the necessary tools, knowledge and equipment to prune the roots of all types, sized and aged plants in your garden. When done right, root pruning doesn’t damage the plant, but it still stresses it, which means that it should only be done by a qualified professional who knows when and how to perform the process. It needs to be done when transplanting a plant, wanting to maintain a smaller size, encouraging the flowering and blooming of a fruit tree and when potted plants outgrow their space.

Our team regularly performs root pruning across the Wellington region and has supported the successful transplanting, blooming and maintenance of a range of different plants and trees. It’s important that you engage the services of a certified arborist, as root pruning requires complex knowledge and close attention to detail to support the health of plants.

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