Section Clearing

Getting your land ready for new developments

Whether you have just purchased land or are thinking about building on a section on your property, you might need to remove a few trees and plants to get the space ready for building. Armes Trees Solutions section clearing services remove trees, plants and other vegetation quickly and efficiently. Land clearing is difficult work that is best left to the professionals. You might be able to remove plants and smaller hedges, but you are sure going to struggle to remove mature trees and stumps. Engage the services of the professional arborists at Armes Trees Solutions for support!

Section clearing with Armes Trees Solutions

No matter how big or small the section you would like to clear is, Armes Trees Solutions can help. Whether it’s a small shed at the back of your garden that needs space or a whole development on a large section, we can make it happen quickly and efficiently. We will first assess the land and create a strategy for the section clearing. Our services include tree removal, pruning, trimming, stump grinding and anything else that needs to be done to give you the space you need for your new development.

We will take all the remains with us to ensure that you get a clear section to work on. Our high-quality equipment helps us remove plants and vegetation even from hard to reach areas. We have several years of experience in section clearing and supporting the development of new buildings and other structures across Wellington.

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Get in touch with Armes Trees Solutions to get a section cleared on your land. We will come and assess the land and create an effective strategy for the removal of trees, plants and vegetation. Talk to our friendly team to find out more!

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