Stump Grinding

Safe and Professional Stump Grinding

Using the safest and most up to date techniques and equipment for removing trees, we are experienced in tree removals over residential and commercial structures. We chip the foliage and most wood and remove them from site.

From the smallest shrub to the largest tree in an awkward place, Armes Tree Solutions endeavour to carry out a professional job. Where necessary we will inform neighbouring properties of the expected disturbance and tailor the works to fit in with the client’s daily life. Emphasis is on minimal upheaval to the client and the surrounding area.

Tree Stump Removal

We have a portable Alpine Stump grinder which means we are able to deal with stumps in all locations no matter the size and access. Because it is portable there will be no damage to the client’s grass.

Stump grinding is usually done as a separate job after the tree removal. Stump grindings are raked into a pile over the hole. Stump grindings are very nutritious for the garden.

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