Stump Grinding

Stump grinding to remove the whole structure of a tree

Have you recently cut a tree and would like to remove the stump entirely? Stump grinding is the most economical way to get rid of the structure. Tree stumps can not only be disturbing to the eye, but they can also impact the plants around them and act as a tripping hazard. That’s why we see most of our clients looking for a solution to remove a stump entirely and be able to use the area to plant other trees or flowers. Without the necessary equipment grinding a stump is impossible, so make sure you engage professional arborist services!

From the smallest shrub to the largest tree in an awkward place, Armes Tree Solutions endeavour to carry out a professional job. Where necessary we will inform neighbouring properties of the expected disturbance and tailor the works to fit in with the client’s daily life. Emphasis is on minimal upheaval to the client and the surrounding area.

Wellington Professional Stump Grinding

At Armes Trees Solutions, we use the safest and most up to date techniques and equipment to remove entire trees. Our portable Alpine stump grinder lets us perform removals in all locations, even on hard to reach stumps. We also have a hydraulic stump grinder, the SC30TX Stump Cutter Vermeer, which allows us to remove large stumps. The grinders eliminate any damage done to our client’s property, so all your grass and plants will stay safe during the process.. We fill the hole left behind with wood shavings to decompose in the ground.

Grinding is the safest and most natural way to remove a tree, where no chemicals or other damaging equipment is used. The wood chips left behind can enrich your garden further, so choose stump grinding to get even more benefits for your area.

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