Stump Removal

Removing unwanted tree stumps

Have you cut down the tree in your garden? Are you unsure how to remove the remaining stump? Stumps can be aesthetically unpleasing, cause issues to your lawn and other plants around them and can even be a tripping hazard for children running around the garden. That’s why it’s essential to remove the entire structure of the tree when you want to get rid of a specific plant. Doing this on your own can be challenging and cause unnecessary risks to you and your garden’s health. Engage the services of a trusted stump remover in Wellington to avoid any issues.

Wellington Stump Removal

If you are looking for a trusted stump remover in Wellington, Armes Trees Solutions can help. Although it isn’t a requirement to remove the stump entirely after you cut a tree, it can damage your plants and provide an unwanted look in your garden. Our team has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to get a tree stump out from the ground safely. Without the necessary skills and gear, you will likely damage the foundation of your garden and experience further issues.

The tree stump is removed from deep down in the ground by our team, which means you can cover the area with soil and create a lawn or flowerbed on top without any issues. We take special care to protect and preserve the surrounding area around the stump and eliminate any damage that could occur to your plants. Armes Trees Solutions stump remover services ensure that you get your garden look how you want.

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