Tree Services

Tree Pruning

Our professional and friendly staff can help you thin, reshape, clean and reduce the size of your trees. They can remove certain areas that are overgrown and have become a danger and reducing the tree specimen to fit the habitat space.

Formative and target pruning for the well being and health of small and large trees.

Pruning services

Crown lifting: is the removal of lower branches to an agreed height, e.g. over footpaths or roads. To be used where low branches are causing an obstruction or encroaching on buildings.

Crown thinning: the aim of crown thinning is to reduce crown density without altering the overall size or shape of the tree. This work will reduce weight on branches and cut down on wind resistance, thereby reducing the potential for storm damage.

Crown reduction and reshaping: the aim is to make the crown of the tree smaller without unduly spoiling the shape of the tree. The greater the amount removed, the more difficult it is to retain the natural shape.

Tree Removal

Due to poor tree-health, physical damage or other reasons trees can become risky to the people and property that exist around them. Our experienced staff use advanced rigging techniques to bring the tree down in small pieces to minimize any disturbance to your property. As will all work we do, safety for our staff and the surrounding community is our top priority.

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