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Reducing the size of your trees

Are your trees overgrown in your garden? Can you not see outside of your house due to the large crowns on top of your trees? You might want a crown reduction or tree thinning if your trees are overgrowing and no longer give you the desired aesthetics. These methods reduce the size of the tree but still preserve the structure of the crown and ensure that the plant stays healthy for a long time. Trimming the top of your trees by yourself may cause permanent damage to the structure and even kill some branches. Make sure you engage the services of a professional arborist to avoid such issues!

Wellington crown reductions and tree thinning

Armes Trees Solutions can provide professional crown reduction services in the Wellington region. Our team has the expert knowledge and experience to reduce the size of your trees by encouraging healthy growth and long life for these plants. No matter what type, size or shape of tree you have in your garden, we can perform our pruning services quickly and effectively.

You may not have an issue with the size of the crown but rather with the thickness of the branches that don’t let any light through. We can thin out the upper canopy of the tree to reduce the volume but still give you the aesthetic you are looking for.

Both these pruning methods need a professional eye and skilled hands to be performed correctly and ensure that the tree retains its natural appearance. Armes Trees Solutions’ services make sure that you get the most from your plants!

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If you would like to change the appearance of your trees in the Wellington region through crown reductions and tree thinning, get in touch with Armes Trees Solutions. We have the necessary skills and equipment to care for your plants and provide the result you need.

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