Tree Bracing

Supporting your tree’s structure

Do you have an overgrown tree in your garden that can’t stay upright? In some cases, a tree may require additional support to stay healthy for a long time. They may develop a strong reactive growth in certain areas around branches and stems, which could cause them to sway to one side and eventually fall over if not supported. Tree bracing can not only improve the look of your plants but will also ensure that they have a healthy and long life. This technique will protect other structures and plants around your trees and help your garden remain stylish and fresh.

Tree bracing and cabling

Armes Trees Solutions are experts in installing tree cabling and bracing systems to support a tree with a weak structure. Our team will assess your trees when you call us with a swaying issue and design a cabling and bracing system that will help restore the plant to its former glory. Each of our bracing systems is specifically designed for the tree that needs support, as no plants require the exact same design. Properly placed cabling can redistribute the weight of the branches and limbs, helping the stem to support the whole tree structure. We use bracing rods to support splitting limbs by bolting them together.

Tree bracing and cabling is an art that requires expert knowledge and experience in the area, which Armes Trees Solutions’ team members all possess. We have supported a range of trees with different problems in the Wellington region and are looking forward to more jobs shortly.

Tree bracing service Wellington

Get in touch with Armes Trees Solutions if you are looking for a trusted and professional tree bracing and cabling service in Wellington. We are confident about our ability to improve the structure of your trees and are happy to answer any questions you might have about the process.

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