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Need to remove a tree from your garden?

If you need a tree removed from your garden, it’s best to call a professional tree felling company, who can get rid of the tree safely and without causing any additional damage to other structures and plants. Doing it yourself might cause the tree to fall on a building and can pose a safety risk to people that are around. Armes Trees Solutions are professional arborists who have the knowledge and equipment to fell a tree in all kinds of locations across the Wellington region. Don’t risk injuring yourself and damaging your garden; get professional help instead!

Wellington tree felling

Armes Trees Solutions perform their tree felling services across Wellington. We ensure the area is adequately prepped and take care of any permits you might need to remove a tree structure. Our friendly team can perform the process quickly and efficiently. We are able to come at a time that suits you best to avoid disturbing your household while we work on the tree. Our team uses a chainsaw to cut the tree’s stem and remove the structure from your garden.

Once we fell the tree, we make sure to remove all branches to leave your garden in the best state. If you would also like to remove the stump of the tree, we can grind it down so you are left with a completely new place to plant new plants. Our tree felling service offers a quick and safe way to remove trees in all types of locations in your garden!

Tree Removal in backyard

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