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Removing Trees

Has a tree in your garden become infected or sick? Has a storm damaged the structure of a tree around your house? At Armes Trees Solutions, we always strive to preserve and save a tree instead of removing it; however, sometimes, that’s not possible. You might think that you are able to remove a damaged tree yourself, but these jobs can often be dangerous and challenging because of your lack of experience. Some areas also require tree removal permits, which you may not be aware of yourself. An experienced tree removal service will take care of all necessary precautions and ensure the job is hassle-free.

Wellington Tree Removal Services

Armes Trees Solutions have the necessary knowledge and equipment to safely remove trees and avoid any damage done to your property during the job. We will assess the health of the tree first to determine whether it actually needs removing or if a trim may be enough to restore the damage. As arborists, we always strive to preserve the plants in your garden; however, if that’s not possible, we will use our expert knowledge, safe practices and high-quality equipment to remove a tree effectively.

We can safely remove the tree with minimal intrusion to the property and our clients no matter where the structure is located. Armes Trees Solutions are also well informed about all regulations and requirements around tree removals in different areas, and we take care of all permit applications on your behalf. Seek professional expertise when removing a tree from your property to protect surrounding plants and buildings!

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