Tree Surgery

Pruning and treating damaged trees

Do you have an old tree in your garden? Are your trees looking like they are dying, but you would like to keep them in your garden? Then your trees might need surgery from the trusted arborists at Armes Trees Solutions. We help trees that you might think are beyond saving to provide you with a fresh and healthy garden. Many might believe that some trees are best to be removed as they pose a risk of falling, but we might be able to save them and get them to their original state!

Tree surgery with Armes Trees

When you call us for an old tree that looks damaged and beyond saving, we start with an assessment of its health to see what we can do to save it. Our surgery services often involve trimming and pruning to remove any damaged branches and parts of the structure that are dead. We take care and attention to saving most parts of the tree to ensure it still gives you a look and functions your garden needs. Unlike some other arborists, we always take the time to assess the health of a tree before felling to make sure that we have done everything to save the structure.

To ensure that your trees don’t need surgery, we suggest you engage our trimming and pruning services regularly, as these ensure that any damaged and dead parts are removed before further problems occur. Armes Trees Solutions are happy to work on even the most challenging and damaged trees in Wellington.

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If you notice that one of your trees is looking damaged, get in touch with us. The sooner we thin and prune the structure, the less invasive surgery we have to perform on the tree and the quicker it will heel to offer you the look and design you want!

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