Tree Transplanting

Transplanting a Mature Tree

Have you got a tree in your garden that you would like to move to a different place? Do you just want to place the plant in another spot rather than fully remove it from your garden? Then transplanting may be the ideal solution for you. This service ensures that you don’t have to kill a plant or tree in order to take it from an undesirable spot to a new location. Apart from not eliminating a plant, you can also save money and time, as you can use an existing, mature plant in a new application.

Tree transplanting with Armes Trees

The Armes Trees team has the knowledge and equipment to transplant a tree from your garden into a new place. Our team knows how to deal with trees, even those that have been in a specific spot for a long time and have a large root. We ensure that when your trees are planted in their new place, they stay healthy and maintain their look and size. With our transplanting services, we are able to change the setup of your garden without having to plant new and young trees that take a significant time to grow.

We take care of the removal and replant for you and ensure that the past location of the tree gives you the look and design you are looking for. We can put new plants into the old tree’s place immediately and give you the garden you have always wanted without having to spend a significant time and money.

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Get in touch with Armes Trees if you would like to relocate a tree within your garden. Our services are professional and prompt and ensure all plants and trees in your garden are protected. Transplanting a tree can be a great solution for many in Wellington, so don’t hesitate to ask us a few questions!

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