Winter can be a tough season for our green friends.

As the cold months approach, it’s crucial to consider the wellbeing of your trees. They may seem sturdy and invulnerable, but they too need special care to remain in peak condition, especially in winter.

Armes Trees, New Zealand’s premier tree service company, can help guide you through the necessary steps to ensure your trees survive the winter and bounce back in all their glory come spring. Our dedicated team of arborists bring together expertise and a deep love for trees, assuring that your green spaces are well cared for.

An essential step in winter tree maintenance is pruning.

Removing dead, damaged, or diseased branches is crucial to prevent the potential spread of tree diseases and to enhance the tree’s overall health. Winter, when many trees are dormant, is an optimal time for pruning as it reduces stress on the tree and promotes robust growth in the spring.

Next, don’t forget about hydration.

Even in winter, trees need water. An effective method of ensuring they receive it is deep root watering. This technique allows water to reach the deeper roots, promoting tree health during the colder months.

Moreover, consider installing tree wraps or plastic guards for young or thin-barked trees.

These protections help to prevent sunscald – a condition that occurs when daytime sun thaws the tree, only for it to rapidly refreeze at night.

In New Zealand, where the climate varies significantly across the regions, tree maintenance can become a complex task. Armes Trees is ready to take the stress off your shoulders. We offer professional winter tree maintenance services tailored to your unique needs.

So why not ensure the health and longevity of your beloved trees by reaching out to Armes Trees this winter? We’ll help your trees weather the winter and spring back healthier than ever. With Armes Trees, you can rest assured your trees are in safe, professional hands.